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About us

Hi-Tech Hoist LLC. (HTH) designs and manufactures material handling equipment for industrial, commercial, and construction markets worldwide. Established in 1987, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a complete line of hoists to aid in moving and lifting materials of all kinds. Our Patriot Series Portable Cable Hoists, Mounting Systems, Material Baskets and Hoisting Accessories complimented by our RP Series Rack & Pinion Material Platform Hoists provide the solution to any material handling application. Designed with safety and reliability in mind, our American made hoists are produced exclusively in our Melbourne, FL, USA facility. Our hoists are well known for their rugged strength, reliability, and the ability to always be ready with our 100% Duty Cycle Motors. From our highly skilled representatives and support staff, the Hi-Tech Hoist team is known as The Builder’s First Choice.

Nationwide & Worldwide
Currently, about 75% of our business is conducted in the United States, while roughly 25% is conducted internationally.

Safety and Performance
To insure its safety and performance, Hi-Tech Hoist tests and inspects each product prior to shipment.

Proven Technology
With their effectiveness, reliability, and 100% Duty Cycle Motors, Hi-Tech Hoist products increase productivity and profits on any job site.