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RP 5HP DC Motor Brake Assembly (Sku: CMBA5HP)

RP 5HP DC Motor Brake Assembly (Sku: CMBA5HP)


Our electric motor brake is built to be mechanically rugged in design, electrically reliable and efficient in operation.  The electric brake is mounted integral with the motor and cooling fan. The brake is set on OR by spring action and has sufficient torque to support the platform and load when the power is off. The standard torque value is well above the torque of the motor. If the brake does not release, the motor and hoist will not move. The brake is released when power is applied to the motor in either the UP or DOWN direction. Alternating current is routed through a rectifier and then to the release coil in the brake. When power is cut to the motor, intentionally or otherwise, the brake will set and immediately stop all motion of the hoist.

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