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Rack & Pinion

HTH RP Series Rack & Pinion Material Platform Hoists have the incredible ability to travel up to 400’ and can lift loads of up to 3,000 lbs! Our 100% Duty Cycle motors are always ready when you are. We designed it with heavy duty construction and finish for those extra harsh job site environments. Soft-start/Soft-stop comes standard and works by slowing down just before starting/finishing movement (THIS MEANS NO SUDDEN STARTS OR STOPS THAT CAN SHIFT THE LOAD OR PUT EXTRA STRAIN ON YOUR TOWER MOUNTS!). Attached to structures using easily assembled towers and brackets giving you versatility to fine tune it to your site. HTH platform hoists are a stable, safe, option for heavy lifting needs.

Additional Accessories Needed for Installation:
Tower Sections:         Each tower section will provide a travel height of 5'
Anchor Brackets:       You will need 1 Anchor Bracket every 10' to 12'
Cable Guides:             You will need 1 Cable Guide every 20'
Right Angle Clamps:  You will need 1 Clamp for each Anchor Bracket and Cable Guide

Just like our portable cable hoist products you can see by the below we are not shy about being transparent. When you are shopping for material platform hoists make sure to compare the following: our hoist are ALL VFD driven, use the same towers/mast, anchor brackets, cable guides, pendants, built with the best electrical components, we only use the best motors and transmissions, our platforms are all industrial powder coated, floors come with floor guard coatings, all products are made in the USA, and we average 17% less than our competitors when making your investment.......