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Portable Wire Rope Hoist

HTH Patriot Series Portable Cable Hoists are a convenient, very portable option for those loads where the lifting shifts points/locations. They are easily mounted to scaffolding or trestle monorail systems, and can work well with many accessories.  Also 100% Duty Cycle, Soft-Start/Soft-Stop equipped (VFD), finished for heavy duty construction in harsh environments. HTH Portable Cable Hoists are also stable, safe, and are a job site necessity.

What you need to know to choose the proper HTH hoist for your job:
1) Choose a 1 Phase or 3 Phase Hoist that fulfills your max lift weight requirement.
2) Choose the proper length of cable (Patriot 1000 1/4" Cable, Patriot 2000 5/16" Cable).
3) Choose the desired Mounting Option.
4) Choose the desired Basket or Sling.

As you can see by the below we are not shy about being transparent. When you are shopping for hoists make sure to compare apples to apples: our hoist are ALL VFD driven, are all single line anti-rotation cable , built with the best electrical components, we only use the best motors and transmissions, our housings are built to last, all products are made in the USA, and we average 20% less than our competitors when making your investment.......