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Portable Wire Rope Hoist

HTH Patriot Series Portable Cable Hoists are a convenient, very portable option for those loads where the lifting shifts points/locations. They are easily mounted to scaffolding or trestle monorail systems, and can work well with many accessories.  Also 100% Duty Cycle, Soft-Start/Soft-Stop equipped (VFD), finished for heavy duty construction in harsh environments. HTH Portable Cable Hoists are also stable, safe, and are a job site necessity.

What you need to know to choose the proper HTH hoist for your job:
1) Choose a 1 Phase or 3 Phase Hoist that fulfills your max lift weight requirement.
2) Choose the proper length of cable (Patriot 1000 1/4" Cable, Patriot 2000 5/16" Cable).
3) Choose the desired Mounting Option.
4) Choose the desired Basket or Sling.

Make sure to check out our wireless options.